The use of quality adhesives and sealers during the install process is the only way to ensure a seamless carpet installation. Masland Contract offers you high performing carpet adhesives and sealers for all types of installations, including modular and broadloom. Masland adhesive and seam sealer is required to validate the 10 Year Limited Warranty.

All of Masland Contract's adhesives and sealers are packaged in EcoPure® bio-degradable pails in an effort to reduce high density plastic pollution in our landfills.

modular adhesive product

Modular/LVT Adhesive

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • Non-staining formula
  • Contains MicroSept™ Antimicrobial
  • Aggresive tack and re-tack properties
  • CRI Green Label Plus Approved


Sustaina99 modular adhesive product

Sustaina99 High Moisture Modular Adhesive

  • Up to 99% RH Installation with Sustaina Modular Carpet


Premium Carpet Adhesive product

Premium Carpet Adhesive

  • Solent free, fast tacking
  • Develops quick legs
  • Forms a strong and lasting bond
  • Contains MicroSept™ Antimicrobial
  • CRI Green Label Plus Approved


LVT Spray Adhesive

TabLock – Adhesive free Installation System

Designed for installing modular tiles over many different substrates, especially when adhesive is not practical or preferred



Encapsulate Primer product

Encapsulate Primer

  • One Coat Application
  • Use over old cutback adhesive residue
  • Seals dusty floors
  • Low odor, non-flammable
  • CRI Green Label Plus Approved


Moisture Sealer

Moisture Sealer

  • One Coat Concrete Sealer
  • Protects against moisture readings up to 95% RH
  • Dries clear
  • Contains MicroSept™ Antimicrobial
  • CRI Green Label Plus Approved


Seam Sealer

Seam Sealer
  • Superior bond and tensile strength when dry
  • No ammonia or solvents
  • Dries to a clear water resistant bond
  • Low odor, "zero" VOC's
  • CRI Green Label Plus Approved

Specialty Backings

Seam Sealer

For higher traffic installations, Masland Contract offers broadloom upgrade backings and attached cushions with enhanced performance attributes that help prevent long term issues with the product. The upgrade backings and attached cushions not only offer the benefit of specifying a product with an integrated backing, but they also elevate Masland’s commitment by upgrading you to the high performance warranty. Below are the upgrade backings and attached cushion options for broadloom carpets, each tailored to specific installation types.

Unitary AB (view specs)
Recommended for food service, schools, airports, and sports arenas

Envirocel Cushion Plus (view specs)

Unilock UL

Permalock (view specs)
Recommended for extra heavy commercial applications.

Hardware 24 (view specs)
Recommended for country clubs, airports, sports arenas, and assisted living.

Hardware Plus (view specs)
Recommended for corporate, hospitality (ballrooms, corridors), retail stores, and food service

Soft Shoe

Permian™ MP Moisture Barrier (view specs)
Designed to meet water resistance needs in commercial carpets.

Sustaina PVC Free Modular Backing
Modular carpet backing utilizing EVA pre-coat and mid-coat in conjunction with an attached transitional polyester fiber nonwoven material felt cushion providing a PVC free option for most modular products.

EcoSoft Cushion

Masland Contract offers an eco-sensitive pad in three different weights. Easily installed, the pad adds an additional level of comfort and quality to installation. Masland Contract’s eco-soft pad is constructed of 100% recycled content and is available in 27, 32, and 40oz weights.

EcoSoft 27 (view specs)

EcoSoft 32 (view specs)

EcoSoft 40 (view specs)