Broadloom Backings and Cushions
Upgrade Backing/Attached Pad Eco-Soft Pad
For higher traffic installations, Masland Contract offers broadloom upgrade backings and attached cushions with enhanced performance attributes that help prevent long term issues with the product. The upgrade backings and attached cushions not only offer the benefit of specifying a product with an integrated backing, but they also elevate Masland’s commitment by upgrading you to the high performance warranty. Below are the upgrade backings and attached cushion options for broadloom carpets, each tailored to specific installation types.
Broadloom Upgrade Backing
Unitary PDF
Recommended for food service, schools, airports, and sports arenas.

HydroBlok™ Moisture Barrier PDF
Designed to meet water resistance needs in commercial carpets.

Broadloom Attached Cushion
EnviroCel ™ Cushion Plus PDF
Specifically designed for installations where underfoot comfort is important with medium traffic.

Hardwear Plus PDF
Recommended for corporate, hospitality (ballrooms, corridors), retail stores, and food service

Hardwear 24 PDF
Recommended for country clubs, airports, sports arenas, and assisted living.