Design projects have a valuable ally in fit

February 27, 2018


Masland Contract is pleased to offer the Fit Collection, which is ten contemporary designs, all available in modular tile and broadloom. This collection gives a versatile selection for any projects where budget is a factor. The ten styles can be mixed to create movement in the visual field.

Buck the Trend, First Mover, Game Changer, Record High and Skin in the Game are available in 8 colorways. Good Call, Found Money, In the Money, On Track and Payout are available in the same 8 colorways, but with an accent color for added visual intrigue.

The Fit Collection is made using 100% solution dyed nylon with permanent stain resistance. Utilizing a combination of both type 6 and 6,6 solution dyed nylon as well as a newly formulated lighter weight backing on the tile, the broadloom patterns average 18 oz. face weights while the tile versions come in at a trim 14 oz.